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Hardware needed for video conferencing


Qycx Video Conferencing System needs hardware peripherals and reasonable configuration of network bandwidth and only by doing so can its excellent performance be delivered. Different conferencing software suites can support various video effects, so requirements for hardware devices are varied.

Hardware peripherals needed by the conferencing system can be divided into two parts. One is the hardware needed to build the basic system and the other is video cameras, speakers and other peripherals.

As long as the configuration of the basic system is in place, smooth videoconferences and convenient exchanges can be ensured. Upgrading of video cameras and other peripherals can make video effects of videoconferences more remarkable.

The following primarily introduces the configuration of the basic system of Qycx Video Conferencing System.


I. Configuration of Basic System


Configuration Reference for Basic Edition:

Typical traffic of one channel: 100k-400k
4-core Xeon servers such as Dell PowerEdge T410; Windows 2003/2008
Client PC:
Dual core; operating systems above XP (Win7 recommended; no echoes for Win7)
Webcams (or video cameras/capture cards), monitors (or TVs, projectors or other large-screen devices), microphones, speakers



Configuration Reference for Standard Edition:

Typical traffic of one channel: 100k,400k,1M
Dual Xeon servers; Windows 2003/2008
Client PC:
Dual-core computers can be used for 5fps videos and quad-core i7 computers are needed for 24fps ones; operating systems above XP (Win7 recommended; no echoes for Win7)
Webcams (or (standard-definition) video cameras/capture cards), monitors (or TVs, projectors or other large-screen devices), microphones, speakers




Configuration Reference for Enhanced Edition:

Similar requirements to those for the Standard Edition; client computers can be ordinary PCs, tablets or touchscreen computers.

Configuration Reference for Advanced Edition:

Requirements for the advanced version are pretty special, and therefore a special list is needed.

II. Requirements for Network Topology

Requirements for network topology: Qycx Video Conferencing System adopts a bridge structure, where the server is placed on the network segment each client can access so that meetings can be summoned as long as the clients can be connected to the server.


III. Requirements for Bandwidth

Bandwidth of clients: The required bandwidth of clients is the total traffic of co-spokespersons. For example, if three co-spokespersons all adopt the traffic of 400k, then their total traffic is 1.2M.

Bandwidth of the server: The required bandwidth of the server is the total traffic of all clients. For instance, if 30 parties are participating in a meeting with each client downloading at the traffic of 1.2M, then the server requires the total traffic of 36M (30 * 1.2M).


IV. Additional Information

The function of viewing all sub-venues of Qycx Video Conferencing System is very popular with a host of users. To fulfill this function, a client needs a video camera for the meeting and a shared camera. A video camera with a USB webcam is an economical and efficient solution.

The above roughly introduces the server and computer configuration required by Qycx Video Conferencing System. In the course of actual use, many other factors shall be taken into account, such as the number of participating parties. The server needs a higher configuration if there are more than 50 parties attending a conference. Also, the configuration of the server is associated with users’ habits. If the users take advantage of sharing of a lot of screens, then the corresponding traffic shall be added, and requirements for the server also grow more demanding with the increase in traffic.

Qycx Video Conferencing Software can display the specific traffic during use and you are recommended to download a trial version for specific testing and evaluation.



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