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Make video conferencing free from echoes and noises,Improvement--Technical Series 5


Presently, it is fairly easy to get rid of echoes.

Qycx Video Conferencing System versions above v2.55.47 are equipped with capacity to suppress echoes, thereby eliminating echoes from almost any microphone in meetings, which can be fulfilled on operating systems of Vista, Win7 or above.

An article "Inability to Eliminate Echoes or Noises in Videoconferences" introduces a technical proposal for selecting dynamic microphones or wireless microphones and for using mixers. The proposal, in essence, is a method of eliminating echoes and noises by means of traditional audio equipment.

If an XP system is adopted, we still turn to the ideas of the above article.

The improvements in the technology significantly facilitate the implementation and use of conferencing systems so that employing the built-in microphone of a notebook also produces sound effects.


Cautions: If many parties participate in a conference in a single room, be careful not to place two computers with amplifiers too close; otherwise, the sound from one computer will be recorded into the other computer and thus the sound will be pretty noisy. However, this is not echoes. You can master skills in eliminating echoes as long as you have used the system for a couple of times.




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