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Mobile Videoconferencing is the Future of Videoconferencing


Mobile videoconferencing is the future of videoconferencing. Tablet is an essential device for mobile videoconferences, for portability and mobility of a tablet can expand the application of videoconferencing, freeing videoconferencing from the conference room and rending videoconferencing available at any time!

The combination of Qycx Video Conferencing System and tablets is able to demonstrate the terribly exceptional portability of mobile videoconferencing.


                  Qycx Videoconferencs on Tablets(Microsoft Surface Pro)

                  Picture: Rendering of Videoconferences on Tablets


Beijing Qycx Network Technology Co., Ltd. recorded a video sample of using and running the Qycx Video Conferencing System on tablets. In the sample, three types of basic use of mobile videoconferencing are demonstrated:


1. Convening mobile videoconferences with tablets

Holding videoconferences is the basic function, and what matters is that the ease and simplicity of conference organization with tablets impress users deeply.


2. Holding conferences while displaying subtitles of speakers’ speeches by virtue of Win8’s handwriting input function

Windows 8 is equipped with the function of handwriting input which can be utilized to input subtitles and to display them in a real-time matter. This is an exceptional feature of the combination of Qingyang Chuangxin’s real-time subtitles and tablets’ handwriting input.


3. Directly activating remote PTZ controls on tablets to watch and remotely control high-speed dome cameras

With a tablet in your hand, you can watch and remotely control the high-speed dome cameras, which is an extremely useful feature of Qingyang Chuangxin’s remote PTZ controls on tablets!



1. Is Qycx Video Conferencing easy to use ? Please try it before launching the project

2. Rapid implementation of Qycx Video Conferencing system

3. Hardware configuration needed by Qycx Video Conferencing

4. Make video conferencing free from echoes and noises

5. Please watch online video samples

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Qycx 30-party videoconference system--simplified version (trial version)

Qycx 6-party videoconference system--standard version (trial version)

Qycx 6-party videoconference system--Tablets version (trial version)


Please watch online video samples:


Watch video Online(www.tudou.com)Watch video Online(www.tudou.com)      Watch video Online(www.youku.com)Watch video Online(www.youku.com)      More...



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