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Super Screen sharing lets you share your computer screen with 30-party on Qycx Video Conferencing

Author: Qycx  2013-11-25


Do you feel anxious if you are a teacher and want to share PPT slides with many students?

Do you feel concerned if you are a salesperson and have to share product introductions with many customers?

Do you feel worried if you are an investor and intend to share stock market information with many other investors ?

Do you feel agitated if you are a gamer and wish to share your game screen with many other players?

Do you feel uneasy if you are a trainer and desire to share teaching materials with many online audience?


You must be racking your brain, trying to find a tool for efficient remote screen sharing.

Easy to use as web chat software is, it can only share a few screens.

How are you going to share your screen with five friends online? What about 10 or 30 friends?


Do not worry. Currently, the 30-party trial version of Qycx Video Conferencing System is available, enabling easy screen sharing among 30 parties.

More importantly, the shared screens are pretty clear and the texts free from deformation and distortion.

Also, the sharing is of high speed, for if it is not, listeners tend to grow anxious? Don’t they?


There are cooler usages.

Does it work well if two teachers are sharing materials concurrently with many people? Yes, it does; otherwise, how can it be called the screen sharing king?

Thus, anyone can share their information and discuss it any time.

Have you ever seen any screen sharing which is more convenient and powerful than this?


The Super Screen Sharing King lives up to its reputation.



1. Is Qycx Video Conferencing easy to use ? Please try it before launching the project

2. Rapid implementation of Qycx Video Conferencing system

3. Hardware configuration needed by Qycx Video Conferencing

4. Make video conferencing free from echoes and noises

5. Please watch online video samples

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Qycx 30-party videoconference system--simplified version (trial version)

Qycx 6-party videoconference system--standard version (trial version)


Please watch online video samples:


Watch video Online(www.tudou.com)3D Qycx Video Conferencing.www.tudou.com      Watch video Online(www.youku.com)3D Qycx Video Conferencing.www.youku.com     

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