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Collectively Watching Remote-Site Videos


There are a few scenes of overriding importance, for instance, a number of unattended significant places (workshops), teaching demo venues, construction sites, etc. Accordingly, high demands for videos of these scenes are put forward in order that viewers are able to remotely see the vivid details of the scenes. In such a case, not only are a great number of live videos needed, but they are required to be as smooth and clear as 24p movies. This is linked to the effective use of specialized video cameras and real-time video technology of Qycx.

Rendering of Using Qycx Video Conferencing System to Observe Sites of Dozens of Square Meters Collectively
      Picture:Rendering of Using Qycx Video Conferencing System to Observe Sites of Dozens of Square Meters Collectively

Qycx Video Conferencing System possesses the function of remote site-viewing, and it is equipped with a quad-core computer and excellent bandwidth and employed in a hardware environment with professional video cameras (for example, PTZ cameras, high-speed dome cameras, etc.) and capture cards. Therefore, users’ demands for site management can be satisfied for they can remotely view live videos (through remote PTZ controls) with superior quality and multiple screens. Even though USB webcams worth tens of yuan are used, the function of remote site-viewing can be achieved.

Beijing Qingyang Chuangxin Network Technology Co., Ltd. recorded a high-quality and multi-screen video sample where 20 parties can view sites collectively (at the footer of this page). In the sample, you can see multi-screen video, double-tapped zoomed-in video screens and a DVD screen (equivalent to that shot by an incredibly high-end video camera), showcasing wonderful video effects.

The function of remote site-viewing can allow the headquarters to see all sub-venues during a conference.



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