Qycx Videoconferencing

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10. Watch all non-local branches

With Qycx Videoconferencing, HQ can view all non-local branches, as in the following picture. At HQ a large screen can be set up to view all non-local sub-venues at any time.

HQ can view all non-local branches

This function is not included in the simplified version. If you need trial use, you can download the 6-party standard trial version.

For more details, please click the following videos on tudou.com or youku.com.


video on tudou.comvideo on tudou.com     video on youku.comvideo on youku.com


For more details on Qycx Videoconferencing’s functions like real-time captions, GPS and tablet (touch screen) videoconferencing, please watch the video instructions or video samples and no more is provided here in Quick Start.

The next is about FAQ.

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