Qycx Videoconferencing

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6.Initiator starts a meeting

The initiator can be a participant in HQ or any other participants and is responsible for initiating a conference. One conference can only have one initiator but multiple speakers.

Connect the cameras, microphones and stereo equipment before the conference.

Used in systems of Win7 and above, microphones have no echoes. Dynamic microphones will be needed in an XP system.

Take HQ user1 as an example to initiate a meeting:

1) On the main interface (as in Picture 6.1) of initiator client (such as user1), click Group and double-click one of the groups (such as 30-party conference).

double click one of the groups

Picture 6.1

2) A dialog box as in Picture 6.2 appears and click floating menu: start conference(Picture 6.2).

click floating menu:start conference

Picture 6.2

3) Click the floating menu: Request to speak (Picture 6.3).

click:request to speak

Picture 6.3

4) Speaker’s video appears on the dialog box, as in Picture 6.4 .

Speaker's video appears

Picture 6.4

All the above-mentioned steps are performed by the initiator (such as user1) while participants (such as user2) don’t need to perform but just watch.

5) The initiator or the participants can hide the message box on the left as in Picture 6.4. Click the floating menu: Hide Message Box and it disappears (as in Picture 6.5). The speaker’s video is displayed on the entire dialogue box.


Picture 6.5

Moreover, full screen is available. Click the floating menu: Full Screen and you can enjoy the full-screen effect.

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