Qycx Videoconferencing

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8.Screen-sharing for remote training

During training sessions, .doc, .ppt and materials or instructions in other formats are often needed to be shared among all participants. Steps are as follows:

1) Initiator user1 clicks the floating menu: screen sharing( Picture 8.1 ).

screen sharing

Picture 8.1

2) Initiator user1 minimizes Qycx client window and opens a file of lecture notes (such as in .ppt or .doc) as in Picture 8.2.

Minimizes Qycx client window,open a file of .ppt

Picture 8.2

3) What can other participants (i.e.: viewers) watch?

Other participants (such as user2) can watch both the conference speaker video and the shared screen. The shared screen contents (such as files in .ppt) are on the entire window and the speaker video moves to the upper right corner, as in Picture 8.3.

watch both the speaker video and shared screen

Picture 8.3

Attention 1: If you need to display the imitator’s whole desktop, you must set a proper resolution (such as 1024x768) to let all viewers’ display resolutions larger than or equal to that of the initiator; viewers can click [Full Screen] for access to all of the initiator’s shared contents.

Attention 2: Red characters in Picture 8.3 demonstrate Qycx’s real-time caption function.

The next is about how participants request to speak.

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