Qycx Videoconferencing

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3.Generate client

This is special! The installation program of the client is generated on server interface. The following 4 steps are to be performed:

1) Click “Generate Client” on the menu on the server interface (as in Picture 3.1).

Click : Generate Client

Picture 3.1

2) A selection window appears (Picture 3.2) and select: PC Client; then click: Finish.

select:PC client

Picture 3.2

3) A configuration window appears (Picture 3.3) and click: ..., select a pre-established folder (such as c:\temp); click: OK and it is shown that the client has been generated.

select a pre-established folder

Picture 3.3

4) After the generation is complete, open the folder c:\temp (Picture 3.4) and there are four programs which are the client installation programs.

the Qycx client installation programs

Picture 3.4

The administrator sends the four programs to conference participants (in HQ and sub-venues) and can shut down the management interface.

From the next page, it is about conference participant operation steps.

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